Speakers_11. Paul Lem

Paul Lem

Paul is a serial entrepreneur and an investor. His book: “Master Life Faster” is a fantastic book and a success in sales

Spartan Bioscience is the leader in on-demand DNA testing designed for precision medicine and personalized healthcare. The Spartan CYP2C19 System identifies carriers of CYP2C19 mutations that affect the metabolism of common drugs. It goes from sample to result in less than 60 minutes from a cheek swab. Mayo Clinic is using the device in a landmark 5,300-patient clinical trial.

The device has received European and FDA regulatory approvals and is a platform for many other other on-site DNA analysis applications including the world’s first rapid on-site qPCR Legionella testing for water sources in real estate, healthcare, and data centers. Spartan is also a member of ISO 12869 and ASHRAE 188.